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Advanced Integrated Assessments, is a research based company specializing in the education and resolution of issues related to human performance improvement. Advanced Integrated Assessments delivers Behavioral, Attitude and Soft Skill assessments for successful career planning, enhanced overall communication, better job candidate selection for employers, greater job satisfaction for employee's and other human resource issues worldwide. AIA is a leader in applying simple and easy to understand human resource technology developed to enhance communication, understanding and improve the overall human potential.

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is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the home, the workplace and wherever you come in contact with individuals by helping you better understand yourself and appreciate the uniqueness of others. We aspire to help you enjoy greater career satisfaction and improved personal relationships by helping organizations and businesses effectively manage the constantly changing needs of their most valuable asset - their people.

Our Company
Integrated Assessments is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals meet the challenges of today's marketplace and life experiences. AIA has partnered with consultants, learning institutions, international companies and other business professionals to provide validated and reliable assessments to improve the atmosphere and productivity of the corporate environment as well as improved personal relationships. Business professionals have proven our assessments can make a productive and positive difference in an individual's professional career and personal life, worldwide. 

In today's business environment the focus is on attracting, managing and retaining the "right" type of employee as well as other various aspects of the people-side of business. Management of an organization's human element starts prior to hiring. It starts with only hiring individuals that possess the characteristics needed for the job, the motivators satisfied by the job and the individuals
drive to contribute to the overall success of the company. AIA offers assessments to determine the behavioral characteristics and attitudes that naturally "fit" with a position. When you employ a person with these defined characteristics, it will decrease job stress, increase job satisfaction and productivity.

Sample TTI Success Insights Work Environment™ Version

Once an individual has been brought onto the team, it is time for an effective training program. This would include the basics of how to communicate effectively with all behavioral styles. This insures that the new hire maximizes his or her strengths from the beginning.
Here is an overview of

 Dynamic Communication™ training

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